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Dr. Lorsong has been involved in CCUS projects since 2005.  He was subsurface and wells manager for BP’s first CCS project in Scotland and developed CO2 storage options in depleted hydrocarbon fields and saline formations for gigawatt-scale hydrogen power projects worldwide as carbon storage manager in hydrogen energy (BP and Rio Tinto joint venture), including for advanced projects in Abu Dhabi and California.  As storage technology manager at BP, he led US and UK teams contributing to technology and regulatory frameworks for CO2 storage.  In 2010, James joined 2Co Energy as exploration and production director, where he managed subsurface and engineering activities for the re-development of two North Sea oil fields with a new pipeline for storage of CO2 from the gigawatt-scale Don Valley CCUS project in England.  In 2014, he founded Subterra Energy Consultants to continue development of potential CCUS projects.  He has a BSc in general science from Toronto University and a PhD in geology from Cambridge University.