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LSU Economic Impact Study
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Unlocking the Potential

Pioneering The Reduction Of CO₂ Emissions

In Louisiana and Texas we have a large and concentrated industrial sector that supplies products globally – and drives our local economy. In the last decade, the region has attracted investment of $180 billion to support and develop the energy sector.

NOW is the Time to Embrace the Sustainable Solutions

As global economies increasingly seek energy with lower carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions, governments and markets are implementing policies to achieve net zero carbon targets. For the Gulf Coast region to continue to compete globally, we must ensure that we meet or exceed increasingly stringent market demands.

By creating a carbon capture hub on the Gulf Coast, we will address the needs of the energy transition and capitalize upon the large global industries that require these carbon mitigating solutions. Businesses can continue to serve national and international markets with certainty that CO₂ is safely and permanently removed.

At Gulf Coast Sequestration, we have assembled leading experts in our field with safety at the core of every part of our operation. We are a Louisiana company committed to growing our state and providing long-term solutions to reduce CO₂ emissions for our customers.

NOW is the time to embrace the sustainable solutions required to ensure our economy continues to prosper and that we pioneer the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

The Gulf Coast Sequestration hub will deliver:

$700 million in earnings for US workers $1 billion in Gross State Product

During construction, it will support 1,000 local workers When fully operational it will support 375 workers

6,500 jobs will become decarbonized (of the 51,000 workers within 100 miles of the hub) These jobs will be sustained through the energy transition.

Abate climate change damage by $11.3 billion by sequestering 300 million tons of CO2

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